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How to raise investment for my startup?

I'm looking for a seed investor to fund my project. What should I do to maximize my chances of raising VC capital?
Posted on 27th of September, 2019
User name: Levit_Ihar
Answers by the BulletPoint.VC team
Focus on three high-leverage activities
You expect investor to spend a lot of money on your project (on average, $1M for Seed Stage and $7.5M for Series A). To make it happen, you have to focus on three high-leverage activities:

Expert name: Vlad Muravyev
Position: CEO at BulletPoint.VC
Prepare your Pitch
Create a powerful Pitch Deck and Financial Model that meets investors' needs and grab their attention
Get meetings
You can get into the room with investors with our introductions or by going to the conferences
Do smart follow-ups
Allay all investor concerns and ambiguities by doing systematic and effective follow-ups
Each of these elements is crucial. For example, without a professional Pitch Deck it doesn't make any sense to approach investors. To learn more about raising VC capital, please check our website:

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Our contacts
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