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Financial Model
Financial Model is requested by 90%+ of investors. It includes detailed calculations on Unit Economics, Traction Forecast, P&L, CF projections, and Investment Metrics such as NPV, PP, and Business Valuation.
Pitch Deck is the "face" of your startup for investor. It allows you to structure and illustrate your pitch during the meeting. Also, Pitch Deck will be independently reviewed by VC fund's analysts without your presence.
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Eric Hollander
CEO & Founder at Chiral Software
When we contacted BulletPoint, our need was a presentation to help us to get into the new Department of Defense Accelerator Program.

The Pitch Deck they've created let us being selected for this highly competitive accelerator program.

The final presentation was a perfectly crafted tool to achieve our needs — and it worked.
Success Stories Of Our Clients
MidChains raised $5M
MidChains is a fintech startup from UAE. It's a global institutional, blockchain enabled, multi-asset investment exchange with a next generation infrastructure focusing on digital asset trading and investing. We've created a Teaser and Pitch Deck for this startup.
VeCap raised $4.7M
Blockchain startup from Germany that aims to disrupt the smart homes market. We've created a top-notch Business Plan with Financial Model and Pitch Deck.
UBEX raised $5.2M
UBEX is the end-to-end programmatic marketing platform enhanced by AI. We've created Presentation, Whitepaper and Teaser for this startup.
BestMeta raised $9M
E-sports startups that allows gaming stars to monetize their popularity among fans. We've prepared a high-quality White Paper for this startup that allowed it to stand out among other blockchain projects, and raised significant amount of funds from it's supporters.
NuCycle won Entrepreneurship World Cup pre-finals in Finland
NuCycle acts as a facilitator between recycling companies and those who want to offset their waste. NuCycle measures client's waste footprint and then extracts and recycles the same amount of waste from the nature. We've created Financial Model for this startup, and consulted them on their pitch.
ImmunоМind got accepted into UC Berkeley SkyDec accelerator
Moonshot startup from UC Berkeley SkyDeck. It introduced the AI-powered platform for ultra-fast discovery of biomarkers that increase the success rate of drug development programs using single-cell immunogenomics technologies. We've created Pitch Deck for this startup.
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Dаvid Schаus
We gave BulletPoint some talking points, a very rough .PPTX outline and a script for a pitch deck for venture funding. After a 15 minute call they turned around a high quality draft in less than 24 hours. After some more discussion, they gave us a final draft in another 24 hours. 48 hours from start to finish. BulletPoint are not just a graphic designers, they are business advisors. We are looking forward to working with Vlad and his team again in the future.
CEO at USА Notary
Vlad and his team were fantastic in the way that they worked. They were always on time. They met very difficult deadlines. They were also very knowledgeable about the material. I would take them back in a heartbeat.
Founder of CrоwdViz
Аkash Khanоlk
The BulletPoint team is unbelievable and communication is 100% I will work with them again
Co-founder at Еstаte Query
Ephrаim Nеuman
100+ successful projects in 5 years
Clear value proposition, relevant data about customers & testimonials from early adopters
Traction, partnerships, milestones you've already passed, and custdev insights
Life Time Value (LTV), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Retention Curve
Product-Market Fit
Current results
Unit Economics
Market Opportunity
Actual market size, projections on its growth & market-related insights, data on problem or need
Team & Advisors
Founders relevant background and skills, experts & advisors supporting the project
Big Vision
"Why" that is behind your project and strategy on how exactly you'll stand out in competition
We know how VCs are judging startups.
And our Pitch Decks meet their requirements.
What makes our Pitch Decks so effective?
Real feedback from VC investors
We validate Pitch Decks we produce with VC funds we've partnered with, and use their feedback to make decks more "fundraisable" and attractive to investors.
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Process That We've Polished For 5+ Years

We review your current materials

No need for you to write or calculate anything — just send us whatever you have. Also, you don't need to prepare presentation's plan — that's our job.

We suggest a deck's storyline

We invest a lot of time to the initial research, analysis of business model, and creation of value proposition — and we come up with the best story possible.

We prepare a Pitch Deck

We validate pre-final version with actual investors who we've partnered with, and get their suggestions on how to make it more "fundraisable"

Our Team
  • Vlad Muravyev
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Yuriy K.
    Head of Analytics
  • Oxana Makoeva
    Business Development Manager
  • Polina Pavshinskaya
    Marketing Manager
  • Anna B.
    Senior Analyst
  • David G.
  • Ilya S.
    Project Manager
  • Bella T.
    Senior Analyst
Our Team
  • Vlad Muravyev
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Yuriy K.
    Head of Analytics
Our Team
  • Vlad Muravyev
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Yuriy K.
    Head of Analytics
  • Oxana Makoeva
    Business Development Manager
  • Polina Pavshinskaya
    Marketing Manager
  • David G.
  • Ilya S.
    Project Manager
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